Principles of “KishinJuku”

Aiki principles are essential to perform traditional Jujutsu. Training consists of four main principles after acquiring “Tanden Kakusei Kokyu Ho” which are breathing exercises for the internal development of the abdomen.

Cho Fu” is the basic principal for neutralising the initial attack from the aggressor by using tension.  “Ju Ho” directs gravity to break the balance of the opponent rather than strength.  “En Geki” and “Setsu Ko” apply circular counterattacks and leverage to finally subdue the opponent.  These four Aiki principles are unique to Kishinjuku.  They will be learnt and refined through each grade.


“KishinJuku” is a style of traditional Japanese Jujutsu which does not use the Dan system.

Instead, the grade for acquiring the basics of Jujutsu and learning “Aiki” is called “Shoden” (basic transmission).
Then, the grade for understanding and feeling the best use of body weight and being able to put it into practice is called “Chuden” (intermediate transmission).
The advanced level, which requires transcending passive self-protection and including meridian usage in the techniques, is called “Koden” (high transmission).
Lastly, the students who have mastered these three levels and are willing to learn even further can be granted a licence or “Kaiden” (full transmission), reserved to only the most promising students.

Each of the above levels is certified by a belt and certificate. The Certification is conducted by Kishinjuku Shuhan MAKOTO KOJIMA which entail attending a number of seminars and private classes so that Shuhan can ascertain the students competencies and put forward by countries chief instructor.

KishinJuku Belts

Kishinjuku belts

①主範 SHUHAN » Grand master. Black belt with red logo and character.
②総師範(皆伝) SO-SHIHAN » General instructor(one person in one country). Black belt with purple logo and character.
③師範(皆伝) SHIHAN » Instructor(one person in one dojo). Black belt with purple logo and character.
④教伝代理 KYODEN-DAIRI » Instructor of learner’s permit(one person in one area). Black belt with gray logo and character.
⑤高伝 KODEN » High initiation. Black belt with orange logo and character.
⑥中伝 CHUDEN » Middle initiation. Black belt with orange logo and character.
⑦初伝 SHODEN » Elementary initiation. Brawn belt with orange character.
⑧入門 NYUMON » Primer. White belt.